Start & Dismissal Information

School Start Times:

8:15 AM - School Doors Open (Students may come on campus).

8:15 AM - Breakfast is served in classrooms.

8:30 AM - Tardy Bell rings - Students arriving at 8:30 AM or later are tardy.

  • For safety purposes, parents are not allowed to walk students to class.

  • For safety purposes, students MUST wait in their cars until 8:15 before exiting and coming to the school entrance. We cannot allow students to wait outside the front doors early.

School Ending Times:

3:50 PM - Dismissal.

Changing Transportation:

  • For safety reasons, students are allowed only one form of after school transportation. Daily changes to transportation will not be accepted.

Parent Pick Up:

  • Students in grades K, 1 and students with siblings will be picked up at 3:30-3:35 PM

  • Students in grades 2-4 will be picked up at 3:45 PM

  • Parents MUST follow the path through the lot next to Trane Road, stop at the designated places to show their Parent Pick Up Cards and advance around the corner and next to the cafeteria to pick up students.

  • Parents MUST show CURRENT Parent Pick Up Card. Parents without a Parent Pick Up Card will be asked to park, bring their photo ID to the front office to get a Parent Pick Up Card and then get back into the Parent Pick Up line.

Day Care - Daycare Vans will pick students up in front of the main building.

Bus - Busses will be loaded at 3:45 or as soon as the busses arrive.